O.TWO.O Liquid Concealer

€17,99 €29,98

Buy 3 O.TWO. O Liquid Concealer and pay only for 2!

The Liquid Concealer is a true expert in balancing and softening unevenness. The patented technology breaks the light up in such a way that eye rings, pigment spots and impurities are simply conjured away. The moisturizing formulation ensures that your skin shines long-lasting. Adaptable color pigments merge the color with your very individual skin tone.

You want a Change in your life, a new Look or are looking for something New?

Then let the latest beauty brand O.TWO. O inspire, which with Natural Ingredients and Environmentally friendly production is a favorite for every generation.

Even with the longest and most memorable Nights Sits your make-up as newly applied. Thanks to the Waterproof Property can be products from O.TWO. O also when Sport or swimming Apply. Our numerous offers will inspire you every day and make the purchase of products much more pleasant. So also leave yourself and your fellow human beings with the O.TWO. O Beauty brand inspire and inspire with your new look.

🎀 buildable opacity

🎀 Moisturizing

🎀 Cruelty-free certified

Your prince will be enchanted by your rays!


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